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MicroRidge designs and manufactures measurement collection solutions for manufacturing companies looking to implement or improve their quality processes. They sell their product throughout the world. Whether connecting a single scale to an Excel spreadsheet or hundreds of gages to a cloud-based Quality/SPC application, MicroRidge offers the tools needed to move your data in real-time, with 100% accuracy, with the press of a button.

They take the time and effort with each of our customers to research the most effective way to connect your gages to your computer. They provide unlimited and knowledgeable technical support at no charge on all of the products that they manufacture.

It all started in 1982. The impetus behind the creation of MicroRidge was the frustration John Schuldt felt when he worked in R&D for a large forest products company and a university. Both organizations had “analysis paralysis” when trying to solve problems.

John had years of programming experience by that time and wanted his own company. He saw the need for a solution enabling QC people to identify significant opportunities within the manufacturing process. The guru for QC-SPC in lumber manufacturing was a professor at OSU and long-time friend of John's. Together they developed the first lumber size control & monitoring software program. It took 9 months. Their first sale was to the large forest products company John used to work for. The comment from the forest products company was: “It would have taken us years to put this together!” The key for John then and now was not to over analyze when the customer needed a solution.

This experience carried over when John moved the company into general manufacturing. There were already software companies providing measurement analysis, so John focused on the hardware side of measurement collection. To John’s surprise, he found that some of the gage interface and gage manufacturers did not have “analysis paralysis”. Instead, it appeared that they effectively built the product before they designed it.

John’s approach continues today . . . to design products that offer flexibility in terms of future enhancement. A problem is discussed with the customer, and a decision is made. MicroRidge today continues to put on its customer hat when developing or enhancing products. This results in quality products that solve customers’ problems, are easy to use, and to maintain.