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In 1983 Prolink embarked on a mission to write a Statistical Process Control (SPC) software program called QC-CALC™ to interface with all automatic inspection equipment. The need for an easy-to-use data collection and analysis software was apparent then and continues to this day.
Their philosophy is and has always been to save the customer time and money by automating as much of the data collection and reporting as possible. Many other SPC packages perform similar statistical analysis functions as QC-CALC, but none offer the automatic data collection, database creation, and part switching that has been their cornerstone.

Over the last several years, they have added several new products that further the vision of SPC automation. These new product offerings include the SPC Office Buddy which automates the running of custom Excel and Minitab reports, the Enterprise Report Scheduler which allows you to create scheduled rollup reports and shop floor dashboards, and QC-PLC which collects data from Programmable Logic Controllers.

Since 1983 they have been committed to listening to their customers' needs, writing quality software programs, giving no hassle technical support, and fostering business partnerships that last. They take pride in their software packages and relationships with their customers. It is important to them that every question is answered and every problem is solved.