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Western Gage started in Culver City, California in 1968 with the objective of manufacturing and marketing dimensional gaging products for use by manufacturers of precision products to control their processes. The company currently employs 31 people in engineering, manufacturing, sales and administration; and utilizes 16,000 square feet of manufacturing, laboratory and office space. Western’s annual worldwide sales are about three million USD, the majority being in the USA, China, Canada and Mexico.

The proprietary line of Dimensional Air Gages, Air Gage Readouts, and Setting masters make up a major segment of the company’s sales. These gages measure internal and external diameters by measuring air flowing to sensing nozzles incorporated in the gaging members. Air gage readouts are utilized to measure the air flow and display the part size. Dimensional air gages are widely accepted as being faster, more accurate and less demanding of operator skill than other means of measurement in many gaging applications. Most air gage applications are filled using gage blanks from the company’s stock of semi-finished steel blanks and then machine finishing gages to specifications determined by the customer’s specific applications.

Along with stock gage designs, gage applications requiring custom designed air gage members are another significant segment of sales. Air gages to check multiple diameters simultaneously, air gages for automated inspections, and gages to measure internal and external tapers, are examples of design and build gage applications. In addition to air gage sensors, a line of inductive sensors extends the custom gage line to applications that are best suited to these sensor types.