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We are thrilled to announce that our business is embarking on an exciting journey by relocating to a brand-new location! This move marks a significant milestone in our company's growth and commitment to better serve our valued customers. With careful planning and consideration, we have found a larger space that perfectly aligns with our vision and objectives.

Our decision to move out of Bartlett stems from our ambition to expand each of our core business groups. The new premises provide us with a larger space that accommodates our growing team and enhances our ability to deliver exceptional products and services. The move also allows us to optimize our operations and streamline our workflow, ultimately leading to improved efficiency and effectiveness.

A few changes to what you’ve seen for nearly 20 years in Bartlett:

  1. ATI’s current calibration lab will be split into mechanical/electrical/dimensional labs to make workflow more efficient
  2. Incoming receiving & outgoing auditing will be centralized between the lab & warehouse for streamlining the pre/post calibration tasks
  3. Our contract inspection department will add floor space to account for larger CMM’s, our new Creaform 3D Scanner & new material property testing equipment.
  4. Enhanced inventory space to provide faster deliveries on gages to end-users
  5. Custom fixture & gage fabrication area with CNC mill, lathe and surface grinding capabilities
  6. A dedicated training facility for our monthly seminars, or for custom training at the request of our customers

Central to our business philosophy is our dedication to providing outstanding customer experiences. We firmly believe that our new location will significantly contribute to enhancing the service we offer to our Midwest manufacturers. The new facility is conveniently situated in a business park less than 1/8th of a mile from I-90. This strategic move will make it more convenient for our customers to reach us and easier for our field service technicians to get on the road to continue fostering stronger relationships and smoother interactions.

At our new location, we have invested in state-of-the-art equipment that align with our commitment to innovation and cutting-edge technology. Our upgraded infrastructure allows us to continue our print-free order processing, increase our access to customers with a new phone system and deliver new offerings we’d previously outsource. With modern amenities and improved equipment, we are confident that our new workspace will inspire our team and enable them to perform at their best.

We understand that transitions can sometimes cause concerns, but rest assured, we are committed to making this move as seamless as possible. Our team has been working diligently to ensure a smooth transition and minimal disruption to our operations and customer service. Our priority is to ensure that our customers' needs are met throughout the entire process.

Here’s what you can expect from a communication standpoint:

  1. Our Marketing group is going to reach out personally to every one of our customers informing them of the move, new address, dates, turnaround time expectations and other details. We are asking customers to also spend 5 minutes via the button below to update their information so we have the latest post COVID information. For your cooperation there will be a raffle to bring value added training to your company at no charge. Click the "Contact Update Form" button below to see details. 
  2. Those customers that have calibration coming due in July 2023 will be contacted by our lab services team to explain options for moving calibration up or what to expect from a delay standpoint.

Relocating our business to a new location is an exciting step forward for us. We are eager to embrace this change and continue providing excellent products and services to our esteemed customers. We sincerely appreciate your ongoing support and look forward to welcoming you via a planned Open House this Fall. Stay tuned for further updates and announcements as we embark on this exciting journey together!