Training & Technical Support

ATI can provide training on a wide variety of Metrology equipment - optical comparators, hardness testers, metrology software and ISO 17025 calibration techniques just scratch the surface of our capabilities. ATI's focus is to help you and your staff utilize your equipment to its fullest capacity, maximizing your accuracy while minimizing your analysis time, all crucial elements to your company's success.

We can perform this training at your facility or at ours. Our training is from basic to more advanced techniques including refresher courses and is structured to allow you time to work with your equipment and/or software before the next training session occurs. This gives your staff an advantage in the next training session providing them with the opportunity to ask specific questions relative to their needs. We can also customize the training focusing on the specific needs of your organization. For each member attending a training session, a Training Certificate is provided.

If you would like to see our full curriculum of training classes please click the calendar icon to the right. It will re-direct you to our calendar where you can register for classes.


GD&T Fundamentals 2 Day Course

Our GD&T Fundamentals 2 Day Course is designed for Quality, Engineering and Production teams looking to gain the knowledge of what Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing is, how to communicate it, apply to drawings and measuring these dimensions. Over this two-day course, each attendee will work through various exercises in the GeoTol Pro 2020 Workbook to gain the confidence in GD&T per the ASME Y14.5 standard. This knowledge is critical to engineering, manufacturing, and quality assurance of your products. Building confidence in your knowledge and skills surrounding GD&T will further your team’s abilities and strengthen your relationships with customers & suppliers.

Monthly Micro-Vu InSpec Software Training

Assurance Technologies offers monthly Micro-Vu training seminars at our Bartlett, Illinois or Warsaw, Indiana facilities. These classes consist of a four-hour basic training session in the morning, followed by an afternoon session focused on advanced programming & software capabilities. Customers that choose to attend both seminars will be provided lunch between sessions.

Our Training team has developed and manage a full set of customized, user friendly training manuals for each curriculum. Each attendee will receive a hard copy of the manual for the class they attend.


Blue Print Reading 101

Our Blueprint Reading 101 class is a beginner course focused on teaching trainees how to interpret part prints to comprehensively understand what measurements are needed for quality. Starting from understanding what different lines and symbols mean to understanding what sectioned and multiple views are showing. Then diving into what tools and equipment would be the best for general types of dimensional callouts.

A class designed to bring your whole team up to speed on reading prints and building confident in taking the right measurements. Trainees are encouraged to bring prints and sample parts.

Hand Gage Usage 101

A training class designed to bring quality teams to the level of skill using hand and hard gages that any Quality Manager could imagine! Whether you have never used a caliper or been using one for many years, there is always something new to learn. Getting your whole team on the same page how, why and when to use certain gages for certain measurements. Trainees will also learn how to verify the gage they are using and to trouble shoot measurement differences

Trainees are encouraged to bring prints and parts with them to extend their hands on experience.


QxSoft CMM Manager Software Training

Assurance Technologies offers monthly QxSoft training seminars at our Bartlett, Illinois facility. Our application engineers & trainers attend annual seminars at QxSoft to continuously expand their knowledge and understanding of the software. The classes are two full-days, one focused on software layout, datum alignments and feature capabiles and the 2nd .

Our Training team has developed and manage a full set of customized, user friendly training manuals for each curriculum. Each attendee will receive a hard copy of the manual for the class they attend.

On-Site Software Training

Assurance Technologies training team offers on-site training classes for both Vision and CMM software’s. If your team can’t sacrifice time away from the facility for our monthly seminars, we can bring the training directly to your facility. For customers local to ATI’s support area, we can bring laptops and a machine into a conference room to conduct “hands on” software training. If your team is struggling to grasp CMM programming concepts on Mitutoyo’s MCOSMOS or QxSoft’s CMM Manager our team has training documentation to provide structured sessions or real-time working sessions with production parts/prints as the source material.


Technical Support

Assurance Technologies can also provide technical support for problems with your software or equipment. Our staff of experienced metrologists are available to answer your questions and help you resolve any problems you may have. This support can be handled over the phone, onsite or you can click on the Support Request Form link below to request support. A member of our team will be in contact with you within 24 hours of your request.

Quality Consultation

Quality consultation gets you and your customers on the same page right away instead of the back and forth he said, she said, scenarios. The ATI Metrology Team is well versed in GD&T, and blueprint reading. So, anything in the scope from a new print that you may not know how to dimension properly, all the way up to something that’s over engineered, ATI can assist is helping break down and understand what is actually needed or wanted from a print.

If you’re also struggling to figure out which piece of equipment will best suit your needs, contact us today. This helps you and your customer in the long run to compare apples to apples, rather than CMMs to calipers.


General Inquiries

Have a project, inspection, or random task that doesn’t fall into one of these categories? Contact us today and let us help you get the information or services you need!